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The international partner network mediacube wants to open a representative office in your region, and you can become its head and business partner. In the first year of work, you can earn $ 20,000 per month and even more.
partner networks in the world
70+ countries
with our creators
channels in mediacube
150+ сhannels
with over 1 million subscribers
8 000 000 000+
views every month
180+ experts
in our team
We are constantly growing
we paid to creators over the past year
$ 30 million
Growing views
the more views, the more revenue from our creators we obtain, that allows us to expand our newtork
mediacube creates an ecosystem for youtubers providing new opportunities for creativity and earnings. We take on all extra work, create useful software for youtubers, address and resolve all creators' issues directly with Youtube. We also have our own advertising agency that helps youtubers and brands from all over the world find each other for collaboration.
How to become
a co-owner of mediacube?
We provide you with a starting budget, pay a fixed amount during the first few months. You don't have to invest to open your own representative office. Additionally, you will receive interest from mediacube's revenue, the amount is discussed with you personally.
According to the results of the first two months of work, we may offer you an extended contract, under which you will receive a large budget monthly for opening a representative office in your region.
We teach you everything you need, everything that we know, we support you at all stages, so that you become the best head of the MCN regional office!
As a result, you get your own full-fledged business that can operate independently and reach up to $1 million in the first year.
How will you earn money?
You will receive a percentage of mediacube income, a monthly cash payment, and a budget for opening a representative office. Your profit will depend on how much the YouTube channels connected by your team earn.
What do you need to do?
Search for cool YouTube channels in your region, offer them a partnership and connect them to the network.
Support connected channels and deal with creators' problems. We will help you with this!
Implement the financial plan and KPI set for your MCN.
Develop and expand your MCN to earn more.
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and become the head of the mediacube regional office tomorrow!
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