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Internship at mediacube!
Join our YouTube team and get the opportunity to become a YouTube analyst!
What we do
Monetize content
Solve any problems with the channel
Make merch
Sell advertising and optimize the content of creators
Develop services for creators
Distribute music
We work with influencers all over the world and want to be the informed choice of creators.
We are an official YouTube partner
M+ subscriber channels
8 billion
70 countries
we are global
views per month
Our creators
What does a YouTube analyst do?
Helps creators grow their channels
Develops content strategies
Implements current trends in YouTube channel strategies
Communicates with community managers and helps to solve channel issues
Follows trends and new YouTube policies
Watches a whole lot of YouTube content
Our creators
Our multilingual team communicates with creators around the world.

The content of our partners has already been viewed more than 13,000,000,000 times a month!
Subscribers: 3.72M+
Views: 682,306,610+
Subscribers: 1.46M+
Views: 739,395,417+
Júlia e Flávia
Subscribers: 1.22M+
Views: 149,622,829+
Subscribers: 8.5M+
Views: 965,575,241+
Subscribers: 4.58M+
Views: 1,343,751,534+
Hector Rivera
Subscribers: 494K+
Views: 70,031,393+
Subscribers: 949K+
Views: 103,515,649+
Subscribers: 2.66M+
Views: 236,809,281+
Several successful interns will become YouTube analysts at Mediacube.
The best will be hired
Our internship is an opportunity to gain experience and unique knowledge about how YouTube works from the inside. Based on the results of the training, everyone will receive a certificate of completion of the internship.
Apply and get a free internship at Mediacube (1 month)!

Our team will select 15 people for training. Try to become a YouTube analyst and find out how the YouTube industry works!
Come to Mediacube
Our internship
What the course will be like
How YouTube works and what is Mediacube Partner Network
Who are YouTube channels analysts
How to audit creators' channels?
What is video optimization and what is it for?
Content on YouTube
Learn how to set up YouTube video ads
You're 18+ years old
Sparkling eyes and understand YouTube trends
No longer a student
Able to get online internship
Know English at least level B2
Know Portuguese or Spanish level B1 (will be a plus)
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