Become popular and earn on TikTok!
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Become popular and earn on TikTok!
MediaCube partnership network on TikTok is your chance to become an idol for a multimillion audience and make good money on your creative work
Put you on the TOP
You can become popular on TikTok much faster than on any other social network! MediaCube communicates directly with TikTok, so we know exactly how to become successful, we teach creators and help them to become real celebrities
Help to make money with advertising
MediaCube will help you to monetise your creativity and advertise brands from all over the world in your videos
Help to achieve more
What we do
We constantly generate new ideas for the promotion of our creators, keep up to date with all the trends and changes on the platform, promptly solve problems that arise with the profile
With us you also can
Upload your
Do you have any potential hits? With us you can put your tracks on the official catalog of TikTok and you will be heard by a multimillion audience
Earn with
You can advertise brands on TikTok only through a partnership network, other integrations are prohibited and removed from the platform. With MediaCube you can not only be creative, but also make money with it
Verify profile
Are you popular on other platforms or very active on TikTok? We will get that tick for you! With it, you can get into the recommendations more often and attract more subscribers. Profile verification is another step towards popularity in the TikTok community
Become a trendsetter
Offer your ideas for Challenges and MediaCube will promote them on TikTok. The best options will be official, be featured in the pinned section, and you will be listed on the main page
Find out about everything first
With us, you will learn about all the challenges before everyone else - a week before the official launch. You can prepare and collect millions of views and get into the pinned videos
Quickly solve problems
Your account was unexpectedly blocked? Want to change your nickname, but don't know how? Our managers communicate directly with TikTok and instantly solve any problems with the profile
Be active, inventive, creative, and participate in challenges! At least two videos a week - and you have every chance of becoming a part of the MediaCube team on TikTok
How to become a MediaCube partner on TikTok?
Become Popular on TikTok
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We have the fastest tech support. According to statistics, the average time for an answer is 30 minutes, and 80% of the requests are solved on the first day. Do you want to ask a question or just say "Hello"? Write to our managers
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