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Start working with an official Youtube partner network that cooperates with top creators around the world. Subscribe and increase your views and monetization with Mediacube right now!
You can now connect to the mediacube partner network with a paid subscription — Mediacube Lite.

At the same time, you do not need to connect your channel to the partner network through a Creative Studio and share the income. You will continue to receive your money through Google AdSense. The mediacube subscription includes access to all services of the partner network. The subscription includes all the services provided by our designers, managers and Youtube experts, that you can use online in a convenient personal account.
What does the Mediacube Lite subscription include?
All the revenue from the channel is only yours
We don't take any percentage of your revenue. You only pay for the subscription. It is cheaper and more profitable
Unlimited access to Epidemic Sound, Amper Music, and vidIQ
Consultation from technical support
Experts will help you if monetization has been disabled, your channel is blocked, or you received a copyright claim
Optimization of your videos
We write metadata for your videos so that they are more often shown in the search and recommendations
Channel Audit
We analyze the channel according to YouTube Analytics, find, and eliminate weak points
Video Distribution
You can increase your income! We will post your content not only on YouTube, but also on other popular video platforms to get additional monetization
Channel Design
We help you increase the views on your videos and the CTR of their thumbnails
Access to a convenient Mediacube Studio and Ezzy account
Content ID*
Earn money on copies of your videos. You can immediately block an unfair copy of your video or get revenue from it!
Services provided by Youtube experts
We will help you build a strategy for growing subscribers and revenue on your channel
* Mediacube Lite works without connecting a channel to the network, so Geoblocking (the ability to block content from being shown in certain countries) is not available.

8 000 000 000 views

Generated by Mediacube creators every month

How we help creators start making money on Youtube
After paying for a subscription in a convenient personal account, the creator gets access to the services of YouTube experts who help them develop and monetize the channel. They analyze, optimize, design, select profitable advertisers and platforms for content promotion. Creators on average increase their income by 30-50%.
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What do creators think about our work

Powerful |

We provide creators with a personal manager and technical support. We keep in touch almost always and everywhere. More than 80% of your problems are solved after the first request.
  • Response time is 30 minutes
    Each creator with a subscription gets free access to the services of YouTube experts who help them develop and monetize the channel. They are always available and ready to help build a strategy for your rates on YouTube growth.
  • Technical support
    Technical support works around the clock and solves 80% of problems after the first request, even such serious ones as the channel block.

YouTube experts help creators around the world every day

25 000

creators' tasks solved by Mediacube managers and technical support

$40 000 000

paid to creators for the last 12 months

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Own advanced payment system

We have developed our Ezzy payment system so that creators can quickly and conveniently manage money and make fast p2p payments to other YouTubers in Mediacube.

Convenient analytics of your income

Get money from other YouTubers and analyze your finances in a convenient personal account.
P2P payments inside Ezzy allow you to instantly receive money or pay other users without commission.

Internal payments without commission

Access to services and applications

Free access to vidIQ PRO, Epidemic Sound, Amper Music and easy subscription to Lightroom, Premier Pro, Photoshop and 50 more apps.

Technologically simple and transparent personal account

We have created a convenient technological Studio account, where you can use the Mediacube Lite services, and here, also you can see all your channel statistics!

Channels under control

In Studio, tracking channel statistics is convenient: new subscribers, and views received. All data is displayed concise and clear.

Trends for inspiration

The "Trends" section shows which videos, channels, and creators are popular in any country in the world. Everything is saved to "favorites" to be used later as references.
Collaborations with international brands
We have our own advertising agency and more than 100 clients around the world, with whom our team launches advertising campaigns. We are ready to consider your channel as well. But if you're not big enough, we'll have a free strategy session and outline a growth plan.
Just 3 steps to new features on your channel with Mediacube Lite
Personal YouTube expert

In-depth channel development strategy from YouTube analysts

Unlimited access to Epidemic Sound, Amper Music, VidIQ Pro

Technical support consultations

Google ADS set up

Advanced channel audit

Design of 10 thumbnails per month

Optimization of 10 videos per month

Access to Content ID

Video distribution

Social media security

Exclusive shortlists for advertisers
Unlimited access to Epidemic Sound, Amper Music, and VidIQ

Technical support

Google ADS set up

Creation of 5 video thumbnails per month

Optimization of 5 videos per month

Channel Audit from YouTube analysts

Access to the Content ID

Services provided by Youtube experts and channel development strategy

Personal manager
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589 USD
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289 USD
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