Publish a video today, get paid tomorrow!
Permanent cash inflow
Invest when it's necessary
It's you who controls the money that you receive every day. Spend it the way you need to: on creating the most epic video in your life, on purchasing new equipment, or maybe on hiring a new person in the team
Or simply take your money
What is Express Payments?
We are not a bank and we don't ask where you are spending the money that we pay you before YouTube. Travelling, parties or hoarding money under a pillow: it's up to you
Stop worrying about when YouTube pays. With us you can receive payment every day, picking up the pace to constantly create new content, do integrations, optimise and grow the channel
Express Payments with mediacube
Regular payments
You publish a video,
We pay you money in advance
In other affiliate programs, the money from Google comes 30-60 days after the video is published. We pay from our own funds, so you can withdraw the credit money to your account at any time, without waiting for Google reports.
Google makes payouts
When the reports come from Google, we take the amount that you have withdrawn during the month as "credits".
and we pay you money according to the YouTube channel analytics every day. We call it "credits."
How it works
The superluminal speed of your payments!
Join the community and get paid for your videos every day!
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YouTube partnership network mediacube launches Express Payments - a new system of payments to creators. No more waiting for a month to get paid for videos.