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18 December 2018

What will happen to social networks in 2019?

The Verge published material that has collected expert forecasts for 2019. What will happen on the Internet?

Paid social networks
Some analysts believe that there will be more paid social networks next year. Social networks are a place to which you need to attract as many people as you can, which you cannot be done when they have to pay. But paid groups from Slack prove that people are actually ready to spend money on it.

YouTube is moving towards making more original content with popular YouTubers. So to say, it begins to mimic Netflix. The main thing on which almost all experts agree is that the platform will not be able to control content with extremist materials. And what if, because of this, the rules will be even tougher?

Social networks from Google and Apple
There is every chance that Google and Apple will launch their own social networks (even though, Google+ is still remembered). There is even information that Google is already working on it.

It seems that some features will be paid, but this is not certain. The assumption looks quite convincing, since even Zuckerberg hinted at it.

Instagram will continue to develop just like Facebook (which is not surprising). For example, recently Instagram added a feature of voice messages which people, who are always late, have been waiting for so long. Plus, everything suggests that the number of purchases will grow - no wonder the social network is working hard on the trading features of the application.

Some experts say that there are too many pornographic materials on the platform. One of the experts believes that the only solution is to remove the application from online stores. Other analysts believe that Twitter will continue to be called a hellish website, but will still be actively used.

A moment of pain - the number of trolls will only increase, and it’ll be more difficult to deal with them.

Source: The Verge
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