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27 November 2018

How do they steal accounts now and what to do about it?

Often, scammers get logins and passwords from the bloggers themselves, so it is difficult to say that an account was hacked. It’s just that naive creators sometimes don’t know what they do wrong. Forewarned is forearmed, so we’ll tell you about it:

What is the easiest way to lose your account?

Recent example:
A blogger’s manager received an e-mail offer that was impossible to refuse: $ 80,000 for an advertising post. The influencer only had to log in to the company’s performance tracking system. Well, if it is necessary, then it had to be done! The blogger followed the link, logged in with the Instagram username and password. In just a few minutes, the hacker intercepted account management and began sending spam to a huge number of users.

Why did this happen?
Fake advertiser was used phishing. How does it work? Hackers clone the original webpage (phishing page). By clicking on the link sent by scammers, users are forwarded to a fake website, enter their data (passwords, logins, billing information) and the same moment the hackers have all the information. Often, scammers use fake accounts of famous brands, trying to seem trustworthy.

Alternative way of stealing on YouTube:
A YouTuber is offered a cooperation, help or a sale of the channel (which, in fact, is prohibited without the mediation of the video hosting service, but bloggers often go for it). In this case, a creator is asked to give the access to the account for some checking. The naive YouTuber agrees - the channel is “stolen” - the end. Both the first and the second case are an excellent example of what not to do. After all, it's almost impossible to get your account back: hackers change passwords, email addresses, nicknames.

What do we advise?
Use a two-step authentication. What is it? It’s a security feature: when you sing in to your account from a new device, you’ll have to enter a code that is sent to a specific phone number. Or it is necessary to confirm the encrypted signature stored on the hardware token. Google Authenticator app will help you: it generates unique random codes for verification

Do not share personal data with strangers. No matter how mediocre it sounds! It seems obvious, yet there are hundreds of hacked bloggers who even create their own support groups? 😃

Work with reliable advertisers. In this case, agencies that work with bloggers make it easier for them. For example, MediaCube Agency launches ads with opinion leaders around the world. Helps creators to collaborate with reliable advertisers, and help brands to find bloggers that are suitable for their target audience.

Why are you hesitating? Download the app, stop trusting people and become a MediaCube.Network partner! 😃 Fun is fun, but it’s better to be a little bit more responsible, right?

Source: The Atlantic

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