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29 December 2018

Good and bad news of YouTube-2018

Best and worst things happened on YouTube this year.

Best of 2018:

1. The highest-paid YouTuber is 7-years old Ryan from the USA. Little boy tests toys, spends time on the slides – all in all, he works hard. In 2018, Ryan earned about $ 22 million thanks to his blog.

 2. PewDiePie was a king of YouTube, then almost lost to T-Series, then strengthened his position again. To help Felix, fans began to engage in cheating: buying advertising spaces, hacking gas stations and printers. The result of these efforts is now he has more than 78 million subscribers on his channel. To understand it better, this is more than the population of the UK or Thailand.

 3. Over the year, users watched more than 50 billion hours of gaming videos on YouTube. This is 5.7 million years of trailers, reviews and walkthroughs. The number of hours spent watching Twitch is 7 times less (malevolent laughter).

 4. The most popular categories are educational content, beauty and DIY. While last year, the top ones were “light” genres: dancing, music, fitness and food.

 Worst of 2018:

1. Logan Paul was called the worst blogger of the year. He always had a not so hot reputation, but the joke in a suicide forest made things worse. The blogger is trying to fix the situation, so far everything is very bad. At the same time, according to Google trends, Logan became one of those people who were most searched for in 2018. Bad PR is PR anyway.

 2. The YouTube rewind video has become the most disliked video not only this year, but in the entire history. But at least half of the world is actively discussing it. Bad PR is PR anyway. Part two.

 3. The video hosting service punishes for advertising gambling services and bookmakers, and is even more attentive to children's content. Anything that might be dangerous, is being blocked, or gets age restrictions.


YouTube changes:

 1. In January, YouTube changed the requirements to join the Partner Program. Do you want to join? Then do 4,000 hours of broadcasts per year and have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers on the channel.

 2. Introduction of paid subscriptions. For a small amount of money, a subscriber can get exclusive content from their favorite creator. The only requirement is to have more than 50,000 subscribers.

 3. New interface. While you still have an opportunity to go from YouTube Studio to the classic version, since 2019 you will no longer have it. Stay positive: there are a lot of cool features in a new Studio.

 4. Copyright Match Tool. In the summer, YouTube provided access to a simple tool to search for a video re-uploads. It’s not Content ID, of course, but also quite good and very useful.

 5. If before vertical videos were outsiders, now they are in all social networks. YouTube would not want to deal with it and refused to accept non-standard videos for a long time. But in 2018 it learned to adapt the player to different formats.

 What will happen to social networks in 2019? A couple of predictions from The Verge here.

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