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12 March 2019

Demonetization will become more fair

Green or yellow icon with a dollar sign indicates whetherYouTube will put ads on your videos. And also whether you will receive moneyfor it, of course. Many creators complain that they receive yellow icons fornothing. What’s the matter, YouTube? Company’s team explained how they have improvedthe automatic process of marking videos with monetization coins, what happenswhen your video gets demonetized, and when you appeal.

After being uploaded to YouTube, a video appears in theautomatized hands of the system which can’t consider all the factors. Forexample, it can’t recognize your cultural context. Moreover, the system even confusesfoam guns for real ones, we have already written about it here.

You have received a yellow sign from the system? You canappeal, YouTube even shows a special button at handy. Be sure to read the rulesattentively beforehand: maybe you actually have violated some ads-connected rulesand made an advertiser-non-friendly video. If everything is okay, you send a request,and it appears in a queue. It’s clear that your case won’t be reviewed on thatsame day, or even in a day, but at least a real person will give it someattention.

The problem has always been the not so smart system,but also – the fact that YouTube’s employees couldn’t understand the culturalor historical context of a video, just like the system. Now the system has beenimproved, and YouTube has employed more people with different backgrounds. Sonow there are more languages known in the YouTube’s office, and the team isjust aware of what is happening in the world. So it has become easier to getthe green button and money for ads: YouTube promises to judge videos morefairly.

Source: Creator Insider

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