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19 March 2019

YouTube demonetizes videos and terminates channels without explanations: how will it affect you?

YouTube panics and goes through all the channels, shaking them up. Practice shows that popular channels are in danger. YouTube turns off monetization, comments, gives strikes left and right, even terminates channels with millions of subscribers. How can you personally suffer from all these?

Advertisers leaving

In 2019 YouTube faces the boycott from a number of large advertisers (again). Independently from each other, different users began to find videos with dubious kids’ content and pedophilic comments – one can say the storm started here. Disney, Nestle, McDonalds, and many others refused to put ads on YouTube. YouTube loses money – YouTube struggles to find and punish the guilty.


Moreover, it’s not the first time when creators of kids’ channels are accused of child abuse and pedophilia. For example, this march Ian Rylett signed a plea agreement – he had abused one of the little girls, a star of the SevenAwesomeKids channels family. All the channels, which had all in all about 17 million subscribers, were terminated.

Almost every channel with kids’ content is under pressure now. Comments on millions of videos with minors have been turned off.

Termination of channels without explanations

YouTube goes further: it announced that videos with dangerous pranks, for example, can’t be monetized. The company even demands to take down many of them. Channels of prankers are also being terminated.

A Russian channel with pranks called Cheburussia TV was terminated, it had approximately 5 million subscribers. First YouTube deleted two latest videos, saying they were too rough and dangerous. No strikes were received. Before the channel was terminated it had only 1 strike. No explanations followed.

The further, the more sensitive advertisers become, and the more “sterile” videos are needed to get monetization.

Imperfect system

Another problem is YouTube’s automatic system, which doesn’t work that good. For example, the demonetization banhammer affects innocent videos with fights on foam guns. Instead of identifying real pedophilic videos, the system terminates channels dedicated to the Pokemon GO game, where the CP abbreviation is used. In the game, CP means “combat power”, but the system sees is as “children porn”.

Everything becomes even more complicated when we talk about videos, which can seem ambiguous or dubious from the point of view of those who don’t know the cultural context. Often youtubers can’t even understand why have they received yellow icons. A vivid example is Nikolay Sobolev’s channel. He’s a Russian creator with more then 4,5 million subscribers. In one of the latest videos Nikolay told and showed that many of his videos were demonetized – and he doesn’t know what for. He assumes, could it be because of bad language? But other videos where he also curses just the same still have green icons.

What to do?

Such decisions of the system can and have to be appealed. After that real people who understand the situation have to deal with the problem and actually watch your videos. YouTube has already promised to make its demonetization system more fair with the help of multicultural staff. Sounds encouraging, considering the overall hysteria.

The conclusion is – any youtuber can be affected. Even if all your videos are “sterile”, they can be demonetized just by a mistake. Read all the site’s rules carefully, learn the community guidelines, pay special attention to rules concerning ads and monetization. YouTube is tightening the screws, and one has to speak its language to proceed developing and earning money.

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