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We monetise and protect content
We monetise the content of the creators on YouTube and other platforms. The Content ID tool finds illegal reuploads of the clips of our partners and monetises them in favour of the author. Our managers quickly solve any problems with the channel: yellow dollar signs, restrictions, strikes
We make content together with creators
We help our partners set up their metadata which improves search results. We voice-over the content to attract audience from all over the world. We figure out the best strategy for growth and development of the channels. We create design and even produce animation for our partners
We let you manage your money yourself
Our multilingual team communicates with creators from all over the world. The content of our partners has been viewed more than 2,500,000,000 times in just a month! Join the community and become a part of the large and friendly MediaCube family
Super Polina Play
Subscribers: 5 315 977 +
Views: 510 393 073 +
Subscribers: 2 899 893 +
Views: 241 754 609 +
Fun With Alicia
Subscribers: 1 657 312 +
Views: 355 463 949 +
Anthony Anel
Subscribers: 1 218 55 +
Views: 131 877 207 +
Subscribers: 1 204 127 +
Views: 355 817 033 +
Mr Creative
Subscribers: 404 883 +
Views: 111 995 434 +
Ya - Alisa
Subscribers: 9 200 350 +
Views: 1 170 656 316 +
What we do
Withdraw your money from your MediaCube ID account the way you want: choose different payment systems for different amounts and withdraw money every day - or keep it in the system for as long as you need
Subscribers: 6 033 986 + Views: 848 634 709 +
Express Payments
Only MediaCube makes it possible to withdraw money every day using Express Payments in any convenient way (bank transfer, payments to Visa / Mastercard, PayPal, ePayments, Payoneer, Yandex.Money, QIWI Wallet)
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