YouTube Tips & Tricks Part 2

YouTube is considered to be the most popular and the best video sharing site on the web. Do you think you know all the secrets of YouTube in spite of having been a regular user? Well, there are several YouTube tips and tricks that you may not be aware of.

YouTube Tips & Tricks Part 1

While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and even LinkedIn are rolling out video features, nothing beats YouTube, where we spend a billion hours every day watching videos. If you want to leverage the power of the world’s second largest search engine and grow your YouTube channel in 2018, read on.

YouTube Now Properly Displays Vertical Videos on iOS

It feels like it should have been here ages ago, but YouTube has finally updated its iOS app so that everyone can view vertical videos as they were meant to be seen: in full screen, rather than turned sideways with black bars on the sides. YouTube announced plans to introduce this feature back in August, and some users have already had it activated. But as of this week, it’s being enabled for everyone.